With the summer months fast approaching, you can look forward to enjoying hotter, longer days and sometime in the sun – but this improved weather can actually cause problems for your lawn if its not been prepared correctly. Follow these simple tips to make sure that your lawn enjoys the summer as much as you do. These are our recommendations for lawn care and preparation for the summer months!

Regular mowing

Although the lawn mower will have been hibernating over the winter, it’s time to wake it up in spring for regular mowing throughout the coming months. To keep your lawn pristine, it’s best to mow once a week in the spring, and twice a week in the summer. If twice a week will be too much, then once a week is still fine; what’s most important is keeping the mowing regular to keep the lawn free from clutter and pests, as well as looking fresh and tidy every day.

Removing Weeds & Moss

When the sunny days arrive, they provide great conditions for your blooming summer plants – along with weeds. Keep on top of these pesky plants early on to prevent them spreading throughout your lawn.  Moss will thrive in shady and wet conditions, so the spring time is perfect for clearing moss out with chemical treatments and vigorous raking.

Generous feeding

Since the lawn will actively be growing during the spring and summer, don’t be afraid to be generous with fertiliser – it’ll all benefit the lawn as it’ll enable lots of growth as well as stop weeds and moss from developing.


Although we’re subject to a lot of rainfall in the UK, so your lawn is often watered naturally, it’ll still benefit from being watered by you in the hotter months. Watering around every seven to ten days is recommended in the summer months; if you notice the grass starting to yellow, then water as soon as possible to get it looking luscious and healthy again. Also, some aeration may be required if the ground has hardened a lot during the week or so since you last watered to ensure that the watering is reaching the grass properly.


Over the winter, your lawn may have become patchy thanks to the bad weather and poor drainage. To get these areas looking healthy again, break up the surface soil and rake it to create an even surface. Next, generously sow the area with seeds, and go over it again lightly with the rake to incorporate the seeds in. If there’s been no rainfall two to three days after sowing, then lightly water the area yourself and your lawn will be looking complete again in no longer than ten days.

Tree & Lawn

Although you can take these steps to prepare your lawn for the summer, we understand that it might all be a bit much for you to take on yourself – fortunately, we’re here to help. At Tree & Lawn, we offer a range of types of lawn care and lawn treatments, all carried out by our team of passionate experts. If you’d like us to start taking professional care of your lawn, or for any of our other services, get in touch with our friendly team today.