The Project

The client approached us to provide a commercial land clearance quotation to clear substantial grounds around a sports and recreation centre. The land had been left for some considerable time, and the client needed an ongoing solution to maintain the lands, and prepare for siting of new storage facilities, and expansion of changing rooms.

We were asked to provide a quotation for the initial works, and an ongoing solution for maintaining the sports grounds. Being a place the community utilises regularly it was important that all guidelines were followed for the use of chemicals, and we advised the client on the appropriate methods.

The Work – Commercial Land Clearance

The T&LC team were successful in the award of the project and carried out the works to clear around 2-3 acres of commercial land and dispose of the debris responsibly. We utilised biodegradable weed-killing solutions which would not harm the local environment, but provide a solid base for future maintenance.

Ongoing Work

For the foreseeable future we will be continuing to maintain the grounds, and now working with the club on a solution to keep the sports pitches in better condition throughout the seasons. Through our long history extensive experience maintaining grounds around sports facilities, we have been able to advise on many aspects of improving the aesthetics, safety and quality of the sports ground as a whole.

As a project, it is pretty straight forward for T&LC, and it was important for us as a business to provide an ongoing solution, and not have an expensive repetition of a full commercial land clearance year-on-year.


“The sports and social club had been looking for a solution to the grounds for a number of years, and indeed the surrounding areas to the pitches and club house were looking very untidy after being neglected to grow wild for this time. We sought three quotations for the work, and the T&LC’s proposal not only provided a solution for clearing the grounds, it was proactive in its suggestions for maintaining the grounds in the future, and indeed very cost effective. The CommCare package is proving to be a positive for our sports and social club, with Peter working with us continually throughout the seasons. I cannot recommend T&LC highly enough. Highly proactive, efficient and friendly company to deal with. We made
a very good choice.”

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