The Project

For the convenience of the client and the local environment we very often get asked to work over the weekend, and of course as Tree Surgeons where emergencies are concerned, this is something we are well versed at doing. This particular project was on a busy bus lane, so it was crucial that the tree removal work was carried out on a Sunday so not to disrupt the bus route and typical week day or Saturday heaving traffic you would expect in the centre of town.

Fortunately, the use of a chainsaw which can of course be a noisy tool wasn’t going to disturb local residents as the location was in the main surrounded by commercial offices and retail establishments that were closed for day.

The Work

Our work was the removal of a very large tree from the new construction site. In order to gain access we needed to implement an element of road management to make sure the area was safe for motorists and pedestrians. Firstly, our team set about putting up barriers to reduce noise and provide that safety net for any passing traffic or pedestrians.

Once in place were were able to start work using a rope and harness to firstly remove the branches and then to sectionally dismantle the main trunk of the tree. The tree was dismantled to ground level ready for the area to be used for other purposes. Following completion we removed all debris and sections which were taken to be recycled elsewhere.


When you work in difficult locatoins, planning the removal of a tree is very important. Road safety, and removal so not to damage the local infrastructure is absolutely key to a successful completed project.

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