Woodland and Forestry management, ensuring the safety of visitors, and the habitat of the incumbent wildlife

The Project

Although T&LC carry out a great deal of work on behalf of commercial organisations, our most extensive work in this field is looking after vast areas of ancient Woodland, typically areas where the public use and visit regularly.

Maintaining Woodland means you have to be aware and knowledgeable of the sensitive ecosystem. It requires a substantial degree of insight and understanding to ensure the wellbeing of the local wildlife.

Following an in-depth survey by a professional Woodland and Forestry surveyor to establish the maintenance requirements, T&LC were asked to provide a detailed seasonal plan of works for this well-known Essex golf course. The brief was to seasonally maintain the woodland areas around the golf course and further parcels of land in the area.

Assessing the extent of works

Our first task was to visit the parcels of land and carry out a survey of our own. The study allowed us to establish the extent of the work required. We then looked to allocate the required maintenance program, but also the professional teams and skills  needed to maintain an annual plan effectively. The maintenance plan was scoped out using our yearly bespoke calendar and CommCare schedule. This documentation demonstrated to the client the need for different types of work to meet with typical seasonal traits. In early autumn we would survey the aftermath of a growing season, making sure trees were safe and carrying out any preparatory works for the winter and ready for the following year. Early spring would see us trimming back to allow for that very same summer growth.

The plan provided the client with a very simple to understand set of season procedures, but also a cost structure that made it easy for the client to budget for the works. The only action we couldn’t account for was any emergency works that may be required while we are maintaining woodlands.

Successful award of the Woodland & Forestry maintenance work

Following our submission of the plan and related costs, T&LC were successful in gaining the work at this prestigious location. The images below show the recent felling of a tree. The tree had become diseased and potentially a risk to the local environment – one of the first projects we highlighted as part of of the Woodland and Forestry Plan.

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