Working on behalf of the Highways Agency to clear a path for the safe extraction of a vehicle, following a road traffic accident.

The Project

T&LC are well-versed at handling emergency call-outs. In reality, our business is very often reactionary, whether it is the clearance of a fallen tree due to adverse weather conditions or in this case, to help with the removal of a vehicle. The request came from our regular client Liverton’s, who were working on behalf of the Highways Agency.

Time was of the essence

At the time we received a call, our team were working in the gardens of a regular client. As it was an emergency with a requirement to minimise road closure and disruption, our client asked if we could meet the requested two-hour call-out period. The accident was near Cambridge on the A19(M), so, the journey time was already 1.5 hours to reach the location. However, some quick thinking and organising members of the team enabled us to be on the road in 10 minutes, heading to the scene of the accident.

On arrival, the T&LC team were greeted by a not untypical sight of a vehicle that had left the road and ended up in the adjacent trees. Fortunately, the driver had escaped unscathed, later confirmed after a trip to the local hospital.

The car was certainly not unscathed. It had acquired extensive damage to just about every exterior panel. It was very obviously going to be an insurance write off.

The Work

The reason for our call was to disentangle the car from the roadside brush and trees. It was essential to ensure there wasn’t going to be excessive traffic build-up, so our task was to work quickly and efficiently. 

The traffic police were able to close one lane of the dual carriageway, enabling us to carry out our work efficiently. The barrier also provided some safety for those who were recovering the vehicle.

Our team worked quickly to clear a path through the trees and brush. All debris was chipped using our Woodchipper so it could allow for easy removal from site.

Once we had completed our work, the recovery team moved in quickly to remove the vehicle and load onto a car transporter. Within a few minutes, the Police were able to reopen the lane.

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