Shaping rows of Chestnut trees, adjacent to a long and winding private driveway. 

The Chestnut tree or Horse Chestnut is very beautiful and elegant, most celebrated by children in the autumn months with their bright mahogany conkers becoming an essential playground must-have.

Mature trees can grow to a height of 40 metres, with the potential to live for up to 300 years. 

The trees we were asked to work on by a North Essex homeowner were very much in their infancy. They had been planted to encase the long and winding driveway leading up to the client’s house and made a perfect acquisition to this beautiful countryside location.

 The Project

 T&LC were asked to prune and trim the numerous trees that aligned the driveway to a matching height and shape. With most trees, this would be a relatively simple task, but Horse Chestnuts are particularly hard to shape as you have to cut them in a certain way to carefully cut to a growth point. Too much trimming could see the tree die further back.

Our team set about the task by first surveying the rows of Chestnuts to make a decision on how much should be removed to make sure each of the trees was matching in shape and size. Once we had established a plan, we were then able to start work.

 The Outcome 

 The T&LC team worked diligently and carefully to cut back each of the many Horse Chestnuts, removing all debris as we worked along the driveway.

This was a rewarding project because it wasn’t just about using our skills to trim back a single tree, it was about making sure all trees matched and presented a perfect backdrop to the house and drive. A good test for our team.

The client was extremely pleased by the outcome and commented on how hard our team had worked, and the efforts to make sure the trees were perfectly trimmed for the Winter and ready for new growth in the Spring and Summer months.

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