The T&LC team’s expertise and decision making was certainly tested with this precarious location

The expertise and decision making of a professional Tree Surgeon can sometimes be tested to the limit. We are continually challenged to make those crucial decisions that will not only protect our team of operatives, they will also protect the general public from any danger in emergencies. This particular project took all of those skills and experience into consideration. Quick decisions had to be made to ensure the protection of road users and our team.

The Project

Another emergency call from a regular client saw our team heading to a North Essex country road to inspect a tree which was in a precarious and rather dangerous position. The tree had fallen across a dark unlit road and could have caused a severe accident. The nature of the location and precarious situation of the tree meant it was impossible for our team to be safe while removing the tree from the roadside. The tree was too dangerous to climb.

A road closure was the only option at this late hour. It would prevent any accidents but also allow our team to work safely in the location the next day. Due to the intricacy of the work involved, we anticipated the road would be closed for most of the day while we carefully dismantled and removed the tree.

Our knowledge and skills were tested further, even with the safety of working in daylight, we were unable to climb the tree to dismantle it. We decided to use a Cherry Picker to provide protection and the necessary height to dismantle and remove the tree, gradually. However, the location meant we also needed to look at a rigging system which enabled us to control the descent of the sections.

The Outcome

Eventually, after careful work and due consideration, we were able to clear the road and cut the tree back to the stump level. We had to work hard to make sure the road was open before rush hour, and this was achieved with some time to spare.