What is a Tree Inspection Report and When Would I Need One?

At Tree and Lawn Company we don’t just offer tree surgery services, we also have our Lantra PTI qualified tree inspector, Daniel Pigeon. Dan’s expertise, combined with years of working in tree surgery, means we can offer our clients a comprehensive set of arboricultural services.

Being the owner of a large tree can be worrying for many people and it can be particularly poignant if the tree is situated in a location where it overhangs a public footpath, road or neighbouring property.

However, as well as requiring a tree survey and report for health and safety reasons, there are also many sets of circumstances where you may need a qualified professional tree inspector.

As one of Essex and Suffolk’s leading specialist providers of tree inspection services, we explain all:

BS5837 reporting, including Method Statements and Arboriculture Impact Assessments (AIA)

A BS5837 Arboricultural Report, Method Statement or Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA) is required when looking to obtain planning permission or the discharge of a planning condition. Our tree reports, for this purpose, are appropriate when looking to get planning permission or address planning conditions.

Tree Amenity Assessments

If you are looking for a specific tree report to provide an assessment on the value of your tree or trees, T&LC will produce the necessary documentation. Commonly, this kind of evaluation is needed where there is an insurance or legal issue.

Tree Surveys and Reports for Health and Safety Requirements

Having uncertainty about a tree you may suspect is in poor condition is unsettling from a duty of care and health and safety point of view. Our tree surveys and reports provide peace of mind and certainty. They will assess the health of a tree and, if necessary, the action to be taken to ensure the required safety measures that need to be taken.

Decay Detection Testing

Decay is a widespread occurrence within all species of trees. We work with other tree professionals and direct clients to assess the deterioration of a tree. We will produce the necessary reports to provide evidence on the structural condition of a tree.

Extended Services: 

  • BS5837 Tree Constraints Plans (TCP) BS5837 Tree Protection Plans (TPP) BS5837 Site Supervision
  • TPO and Conservation Area Tree Reports Tree Health & Safety Reports and Surveys Tree Heritage Assessments
  • Tree-Related Subsidence Assessments and Reports
  • Arboricultural Expert Witness Work

Our tree inspection and reporting services are fully qualified (Lantra Award in Professional Tree inspections). T&LC are also fully insured and qualified in turf care with professional qualifications, including NCH Sports Turf Science, NCH Sports Turf Management, PA1, PA2, PA6 in safe use of chemicals and more.

We also hold qualifications in all aspects of tree surgery, including the NPTC certificate for cross cutting and tree felling.

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