Shrub and vegetation clearance adjacent to a North London
fast-food drive-through

Two common aspects of the work we do for clients deals with aesthetics and safety. Sometimes, this includes a need to deal with nuisance rodents, who very much love a mass of vegetation to call home and breed rather rapidly. Although maintaining the natural environment for wild animals is an absolute must for us, where possible, this particular project involved a build-up of vegetation that made a roadside bank unstable, having experienced significant rodent use. To further emphasise the health and safety risk, the location was directly adjacent to a popular fast-food chain outlet. A situation not conducive to health and providing an unwanted degree of risk to visitors.

The Project

As demonstrated by the images, the overgrown roadside had become somewhat out of hand, following a solid season of summer growth. It also provided a substantial job for our team, working their way through the endless amounts of shrubs, weeds and dense vegetation.

The central aspect of this project, so as not to block access, was our ability to continually clear debris as we cut down the vegetation. Having the use of our hard-working wood chipper was very handy. As we trimmed the verge, waste was regularly put through the jaws of the wood chipper and deposited directly into the rear of the truck. The project was very much process-driven, providing efficiency and reducing our time on site and, of course, the disruption to road users.

The Outcome

It is a good warning to those reading this case study. If you do get a significant build-up of vegetation, the area typically becomes a habitat for unwanted rodent life. It can also make the ground underfoot very unstable