This particular project was to reduce 500 metres of Poplar trees, adjacent to an award-winning producer of quality British fruit. 

Poplars are wonderful backyard trees, good for specimen planting as well as wind-rows. Poplars can grow very tall and anchor their trunks with powerful roots. This narrow, tall plant can also be found in British gardens to provide privacy for its occupants due to its screening properties. 

The Project

The trees we were asked to work on, by Stoke by Nayland Golf & Spa and Boxford Suffolk Farms, are doing a fantastic job at shielding a variety of top, stone and soft fruit in the picturesque rolling landscape of rural Suffolk. However, this came at a detriment to Boxford Suffolk Farms’ apple orchard.

Planted initially as windbreakers, due to the sheer scale of the Poplar trees, they were now reducing the amount of light the apples were receiving and affecting the productivity of the apples. 

Our team set about the task by understanding the cause and effect relationship between the Poplar trees and Boxford Suffolk Farms’ apple supply. Together, we established that 500 metres of the popular ‘wind shielding’ tree would need to be reduced, to resume a healthy apple orchard.

The Outcome 

The T&LC team worked diligently and carefully to reduce the Poplar trees onsite safely. Due to the sensitive nature of these trees, they needed treating with the utmost care and respect during our work. Thanks to our many years of experience, this was no trouble for our team.

We worked efficiently and as we cut back each Poplar tree, we removed all debris to ensure clean and tidy work. 

It was a rewarding project because not only were the surrounding landscapes beautiful, our work to carry out the sensitive reduction of these trees was going to make a positive difference on Boxford Suffolk Farms’ apple production.