Save money with effective maintenance of Forestry and Woodland

How we can save you money with effective maintenance of Forestry and Woodland

Our commercial Tree Surgery work takes us into all sectors with differing environments, requirements and sensitivities and, with a background working on golf facilities, we are highly experienced at managing large external environments. However, annual maintenance plans are relevant to both large green areas as well as maintaining forest areas, woodland and parklands.

Woodland Protection

It is a fallacy that the best way to protect a forest or woodland is to leave it alone. With climate change prevalent and the world’s population rising, active forest management is more critical than ever!

Forests cover nearly a third of all land on Earth, providing vital organic infrastructure for some of the planet’s densest, most diverse collections of life. Not only do forests pump out oxygen that we require to live, but they also clean up air pollution on a large scale and produce a natural woodland unit consisting of plants, animals and micro-organisms.

However, if your organisation features extensive land that is home to a multitude of trees, you may find it a challenge to manage their livelihood effectively, while keeping your landscape in tip-top condition for visitors.

How can we help?

Our commercial care packages provide annual maintenance plans for commercial organisations that have extensive grounds and parcels of land requiring seasonal maintenance. CommCare focuses on all green areas, and part of the maintenance plans we recommend include Woodland and Forestry Management. CommCare is particularly important where the land has extensive tree growth that requires maintenance to make sure the trees are safe for the general public when visiting. We can also help with the planting of new trees that need nurturing and ongoing maintenance.

Our CommCare packages are entirely constructed to keep clients regularly informed, along with the benefit of spreading the costs involved for seasonal maintenance.

Another advantage of our CommCare annual plan is the knowledge we gain around the ecosystem and wildlife of the location and the ability to plan our work so as not to disturb the incumbent wildlife and those that choose to visit the area. This level of sensitivity and understanding is very typical of our work around golf courses and other sports facilities.

You can see below an example of different packages within our CommCare offering, however, each level can be completely tailored to all clients, providing them with the type of annual maintenance they require. That means that, at T&LC, we will take into consideration your forest and woodlands and make a CommCare plan bespoke to you.

For every large commercial project, we survey extensively and recommend necessary maintenance that then forms a concise Management Programme, as well as risk assessments and method statements.

Our CommCare annual maintenance plans look to not only keep your forests and woodlands neat and tidy but also reduces risk to any visitors, for example, if your land is part of a public pathway or grounds.

When working with a new client, we create a schedule of works that is convenient for the client and the sensitivities of the location. Golf courses, care homes and public parks are very typically sensitive locations which attract daily visitors, so our work must not be intrusive.

What are the benefits?

✓  Long-term, it can save you money
✓  Spread your maintenance costs
✓  CommCare is the perfect solution to keep outdoor spaces looking smart all year round
✓  Many years’ experience
✓  Clean and tidy work
✓  Fully accredited, qualified and insured
✓  T&LC can tailor each package to you
✓  High-quality reviews of our work

Our commercial work takes us into all sectors, with differing environments, requirements and sensitivities – T&LC have worked with:

  • Borough and Parish Councils, Ministry of Defence & other Public Sector Organisations
  • Healthcare Trusts, Private Clinics & Care Homes
  • Golf clubs and other sports grounds and facilities
  • Property Management, Developers, Self-Builders & Housing Associations
  • Diocese and associated Church Grounds & Facilities

Talk to the T&LC team about setting up a maintenance package for you! Get in touch by completing our contact form or call the team direct on 01206 243 484.




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