About Aeration

Aeration involves perforating soil with small holes in order to enable air, water and nutrients to penetrate the roots of your grass. This helps it grow deeper and stronger and results in a more luxurious, vibrant lawn. An excess of solid particles in compacted soils prevents the proper circulation of air, water and nutrients, and aerating alleviates this compaction. An excess lawn thatch and the buildup of dead grass and roots can starve the grass roots and so by aerating your lawn, you reduce thatch build up, waterlogging and compaction. Plus, it increases the amount of spare space within the soil’s structure for better drainage and encourages the roots to grow.

The two main types of aeration we use are:

Solid Tine – using a heaving motion which breaks up compaction.

Hollow Tine – we remove a core of turf allowing air to reach the roots and reducing the amount of thatch content.

If you’d rather not get bogged down with technical terms and the hassle of thatch, drainage and more, leave it to the experts and we’ll transform your soil to help your grass grow.

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