About Fertilising

Grass, like all living things, needs nutrients to survive. Because grass plants absorb their nutrients through their roots, it’s important that your soil is rich in nutrients. Fertilisation provides the macro-nutrients needed for a healthy lawn and better grass growth, helping the grass plants remain green and free from weeds and diseases. But every time the lawn is mown, and because your lawn is made up of individual grass plants at different stages of their growth cycle, some of the nutrients are removed. Applying compound fertilisers replaces these lost nutrients and our qualified professionals are trained in the safe handling and use of fertilisers giving you peace of mind that they are being applied properly.

We use only the highest quality products, administered correctly and at the appropriate time in the grass plant’s life cycle to help achieve the best condition and appearance of your lawn.

What’s more, we use slow release fertilisers which will maintain the colour and vigour of your lawn over a period of weeks and also reduce the scorch element associated with granular and other types of fertilisers.

For the safe handling and application of fertilisers and to give your soil the nutrients it needs to flourish, get in touch on 01206 243 484