About Scarification

Over-applying fertiliser and excessive mowing can lead to a buildup of thatch, a matted mess of

dead grass and roots, which stops water being able to drain away and has a negative impact on the quality of your grass. Thatch creates the ideal condition for things like disease and moss to thrive and prevents your grass from flourishing.

Thatch can be reduced by the process of scarifying, the removal of surface thatch to allow better airflow and for moisture and nutrients to reach the grassroots. Scarification leaves you with healthier grass and reduced moss whilst increasing tilling and helping with worm control.

Scarification should be carried out regularly, but we understand that not everyone shares our passion for working with lawns, which is why we carry out scarification services for residents across Suffolk and Essex to help them make light work of maintaining their lawns for a healthier and more attractive garden.

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