About Turfing

Turfing is best carried out during autumn or spring, however it can be done during the summer if ample irrigation is available. Whether you want to fill in a bare, patchy lawn with seeds, or if you’re looking for a more instant transformation, our talented team has many years’ experience in working with lawns of all shapes and sizes.

Seeding bare patches on your lawn is more cost effective than entirely turfing and can be the best solution for small patches. We can provide a range of seed mixtures if your turf area is to be used for a specific use.

Re-turfing an area can transform the look and feel of your outside space in a matter of hours. If time is of the essence or you’re getting an area ready for the summer and it’s already late spring, then perhaps turf is the best option for you. Many homeowners take on the task of turfing their own gardens only to realise that there is far more preparation and stages involved than they thought. Our team can take the hard work and hassle out of turfing your garden and we use quality products at affordable prices to help you make the most of your turf, whether it’s for socialising with friends or having fun with the family and much more.

Transform your turf with carefully planned and professional turfing services and get in touch on 01206 243 484