About Weed Control

Even the most meticulously kept lawns can encounter weeds, so the best way to keep your lawn weed-free is to manage your weed control and know how to treat them and when. Because treatments such as pesticides and herbicides are mainly absorbed through leaves, the best time to apply them is when the weed is growing. The chemicals we use are pet friendly and organic so you get peace of mind that they won’t contaminate your garden or be a danger to your family.

Weeds can be controlled in a few different ways:

Cultural controls: This method works by keeping a strong healthy sward that will keep weeds and diseases to a minimum. Cultural controls cover practices like aeration, topdressing, dew removal and mowing at the right height. Soil is shaded from the sun by the blades of grass, preventing weeds from germinating in the first place, so keeping your lawn at the correct height promotes thicker turf that gives weeds less room to flourish.

Pesticides: In some cases it may be necessary to apply a fungicide/ herbicide. Our qualified professionals are trained in the safe handling and use of pesticides so you get the peace of mind that your lawn is being cared for safely.

Remember, weed control is an ongoing feat and it may take more than one application to get rid of certain weed types, such as clover. So, before we carry out any treatments we identify the weed/disease so that we can choose a suitable product to control the target.

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