“West Bergholt parish council have used the Tree & Lawn Company for a number of years, primarily for tree work but also for reinstatement of grass surfaces on sports pitches etc. We have always found Peter Cannon very approachable, easy to brief, competitive, with a high standard of work. I can provide one recent example. The parish are responsible for a large weeping willow tree adjacent to a pond in the centre of our village. It is a well loved tree but had become overgrown. It was therefore essential that the pruning and re-shaping was carried out effectively but also with sensitivity. I had a conversation with Peter to discuss our requirements and brief him of our concerns. I need not have worried as the work was carried out to an exemplary standard and within a very short period of time. In fact the council was pleasantly surprised by the positive comments we received after the work had been completed. I could not recommend a company more highly.”

West Bergholt Parish Council