Topiary artistry in the garden

Some Topiary artistry in the gardens of a well-known local artists

The Project

Topiary projects of course don’t come around every week but when they do, they are extremely rewarding as demonstrated by this particular project.

‘Cnaeus Martius Calvinus, in the circle of Julius Caesar, is credited for introducing the very first topiary to Roman gardens, whilst Pliny the Younger, a magistrate of Ancient Rome, wrote letters describing the elaborate figures of animals, inscriptions, cyphers, and obelisks in clipped greens at his Tuscan villa. Miniature landscapes (topos) were also created within Roman houses and villas for the first time, forming an art called topiarius.’

This 2000 year old artistry has been prominent in gardens ever since the time of the Roman’s and you can often see elaborate sculptures adoring the gardens of quintessentially British stately homes.

The Work

This particular Topiary hedge cutting project is very much a regular project for us, whereby twice a year we carry out some extensive trimming of the hedges and hedge borders of this well-known local artists extensive gardens. Shaping the hedges takes a great deal of patience and skill but the end result as demonstrated in the adjacent pictures is absolutely stunning.

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