About Tree and Hedge Pruning

Pruning involves removing dead, detached or damaged branches and stems to benefit the whole tree. It can prevent insects from entering a tree, help it maintain a solid structure and encourage the tree to grow. There are lots of different types of pruning, from canopy thinning to help sunlight reach all parts of the tree to removing low hanging hazards. What’s clever about tree and hedge pruning is that is can stimulate growth in areas you want whilst, at the same time, can be used to restrict growth in other areas.

We carry our tree and hedge pruning for domestic and commercial customers across Suffolk and Essex throughout the year. Some trees and hedges, however, will respond better when pruned at a certain time of year and our experienced experts can help advise on when is the best time to prune your particular trees or hedges.

We offer competitive prices for tree and hedge pruning, whether you’d like a one-off service or a more regular service, so get in touch for a free quote on 01206 243 484

About Tree Felling

There are many reasons for which you may need to cut down and remove a tree, but what’s important is that it’s done safely and, ideally, by qualified professionals. There are, after all, lots of factors to consider when removing a tree, like knowing where and how the tree will fall to protect surrounding property and people, avoiding overhead lines and so on, and it can be dangerous if you don’t have the experience and equipment needed. Our experienced team have a number of qualifications in tree felling, such as NPTC certificate for cross-cutting and small tree felling, which means they can help you get rid your unwanted tree safely.

No two trees are exactly the same and it’s important to tailor cutting to the tree you’re removing to get it to fall in the right direction. We remove segments of the tree a few at a time because this is the safest way to fell a tree. Once the tree is felled, you’ll be left with a stump which you may also want to remove with stump grinding.

Whilst you may think getting rid of a tree is a fairly straightforward task, there’s more to consider than you might at first realise. So to make sure the work is carried out safely using the right equipment, we offer tree felling services across Suffolk and Essex for both domestic and commercial clients.

For the peace of mind that comes with professionals safely removing your tree, get in touch on 01206 243 484