About Site & Garden Clearance

Gardening and landscaping projects can generate a lot of vegetation waste which needs to be cleared to enable you to finish your project. Removing large volumes of garden waste can be quite a challenge if you don’t have the right equipment or aren’t used to dealing with clearing a site. Whatever your reasons for needing to get rid of garden vegetation waste, from moving into a new house to getting your current house ready to sell, we can help you present your outside space in its best light and get rid of unwanted green waste responsibly.

We offer homes and businesses across Suffolk and Essex reliable, reputable and efficient site clearance services of all vegetation waste, for projects of all sizes. Our experienced and fully insured team will come equipped with the necessary tools and machinery to tackle tree stumps, scrub, hedges, felling, plant control and more. Plus, we’ll not only remove your garden waste, but mulch, chip and recycle as much of it as possible too.

Whether you’re looking for solely site clearance services, or in addition to any of the other services we can help so get in touch on 01206 243 484