Woodland and Forestry Management

Keeping large areas managed annually is a cost-effective solution for commercial organisations

Although we have a significant amount of work that involves one-off projects, we are extremely well known for our Woodland and Forestry Management service. This is where a large area of trees and grounds requires regular seasonal maintenance.

With fifteen years of accredited experience working in commercial tree and ground maintenance environments, this type of work is second nature to us.

How it works?

We work out a seasonal plan for your grounds. At certain points, our time is less required but throughout the duration of a calendar year, we will have a set plan and diarised periods of work required to maintain areas of trees and grounds to a set desired standard. The benefits of this service are the ability to spread the cost and to guarantee your grounds are kept safe and well, especially where general public access is concerned.

The service includes:

For this service we regularly work with incumbent facilities managers. It provides a one-stop shop for the person who is responsible for grounds and tree maintenance and takes the worry and hassle out of their own planning.

For businesses, they are normally unaware of their legal responsibilities when maintaining grounds around their premises. Poorly managed trees adjacent to public areas, or areas that staff and visitors may utilise, can create a level of liability that needs to be covered by the business. Our service to maintain grounds and trees regularly, helps businesses to limit liabilities and improve the aesthetics of the green environments in publicly accessible locations.

Annual Maintenance Plans

Woodland and Forestry Management also encompasses our CommCare service, especially if you utilise the Platinum service. CommCare provides an increased service level and can be included in your overall management plan.

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Woodland and Forestry Management