Tree surgery service in Essex and Suffolk

The term tree surgery covers a wide variety of specialist horticultural services, and is not restricted to just trees – it also includes hedges, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants.  A tree surgeon is a skilled craftsman with the experience and knowledge to be able to deal with all hedge and tree related issues, including:

  • Tree felling and lopping
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Crown thinning, crown reshaping or reduction and crown lifting
  • Pollarding
  • Tree limb bracing
  • Hedge-cutting and trimming
  • Pruning hedges, branches and shrubs
  • Planting & replanting
  • Splitting logs and chipping
  • Site clearance

Tree surgery can involve working with very large, complex trees, often with branches which are close to telecommunication wires and power cables.  It also requires working at heights using heavy machinery; therefore, all our tree surgeons adhere to industry best practices at all times.  We will carry out site-specific risk assessments, follow safe working procedures, and use only the highest quality tools and equipment.

All our tree surgeons hold public liability insurance, ensuring that you always have peace of mind knowing that we’re covered when carrying out your project.

Our experienced team have many years’ experience in tree care and management and hold a number of NPTC qualifications in arboriculture.

Customers from both business and residential sectors rely on our quality tree surgery services; whether it’s because of a tree that poses a risk to property or the public, or simply to maintain the health of your trees.

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial and domestic tree surgery services, to find out more, click on any of our services or call us on 01206 243 484.