Fallen Tree Emergency Call-Out

An emergency call-out to deal with a fallen tree that had completely blocked a country road

It is quite easy to take the apparent sturdiness of a tree for granted, thinking something so reliable and robust is a permanent fixture. However, just like any living thing, trees will, unfortunately, come to an end of life situation. This particular aged and established roadside tree had, undoubtedly, come to a natural end. It had created what could have been a quite dangerous situation for road users. The tree had fallen across a tight and winding country lane with no street lighting, whatsoever. The tree had pretty much collapsed, leaving an abundance of debris that completely blocked the highway. The adjacent images clearly show the density of the blockage.

The Project

Following the emergency call from Essex Highways, our Tree Surgery team were on the road within minutes, heading to the location. Our first task was to set up road management requirements. In this situation, it didn’t provide an opportunity to bypass the tree, so we set up roadblocks to divert the traffic to use alternative routes. Given the location, it was fortunate that no one had become the victim of this road blockage, not something you want to be greeted by on a dark and misty winters night.

Removal of the tree was quite a complicated process for our Tree Surgery team. Firstly, we needed to move a considerable amount of debris to get clear access and start cutting away the branches from the main trunk. Removing all branches allowed us to sectionally cut the main trunk allowing for the safe removal of the tree. Once we were able to clear all of the sections, we then had the task of sweeping the road. Road debris of this kind can also be dangerous for road users. A fallen tree will drag a lot of mud and small amounts of debris across the road and, unless removed, it will be precarious for road users.

The Outcome

At T&LC, we attend many jobs where fallen trees, branches and debris have blocked roads. With every situation, there is always a potential danger, and the swift and safe removal of the obstacle is imperative for both the safety of road users and to keep traffic flowing. Fortunately, this road wasn’t a busy location so it provided our team with adequate time and space to act quickly and efficiently.


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