Carry out essential works on a property

Working with a well-known property maintenance company to carry out essential works on a property to be prepared for auction

The Project

Our work in the commercial arena very often means the end project is working on the tree and lawn care for a domestic property. This particular property equired work to prepare it for auction for the selling agent. We were introduced to the project by the 1st tier supplier, a well-known local large property maintenance company. They were responsible for any internal preparation works and our role was to prepare exterior grounds. Our first task was to provide a cost to cut all grass areas, tidy up borders and trim hedges. The outcome of our works needed to demonstrate a diligently groomed and aesthetically pleasing to the eye property ready for auction.

The Work

Due to the sheer size of the grounds surrounding the buildings, the project was certainly an extensive one to complete. We decided to work on each section of gardens starting at the front of the property. Once the grass was cut and the hedges neatly trimmed, we removed all debris from the site. We then set about the rear garden areas, carrying out similar work but on a much larger area. As the images demonstrate, the property and its external gardens had a noticeable makeover, all ready for the forthcoming auction.

“We were extremely pleased with the result. Thank you to T&LC and your very hard working crew.”


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